Posted by: visualriver | April 24, 2010

Rattlesnake near death experience today in Tucson Arizona


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Now that my near death experience with the rattlesnake is wearing off (it’s been about 4 hours) from this afternoon, I’m thinking, “How would I cook that?”.

Someone told me a couple of weeks ago that they heard that if a rattlesnake has the venom ready, the meat would have the venom in it and you could get poisoned if you ate it. Does anybody out there know if this is true? Can you get poisoned by the meat if you eat it when it was killed in a striking pose? Comments welcome. I’d like to know if this is true.

Note: I received a comment that this was false about the venom. Now I’d like recipes!


  1. This is absolutely and completely false. Rattlesnakes can actually be killed by their OWN venom if it ends up in their blood.

    • Thank you! Someone told me this was a Mohave Rattlesnake.

      • Do you have a photo of it? I can tell you what it is for sure.

      • That’s the best one I have of it, in the post. Sure didn’t want to get too close! Thanks!

  2. Well,I haven’t try eating rattlesnakes and I would never try,over my dead body.!!I think,its true.!!But for you to know more,the research on the net.!!You would surely find the answer on the net.!!

  3. That is not a Mojave Rattlesnake, but a Western Diamondback.

    Poisons are ingested, venoms are injected.

    Because rattlesnakes are not poisonous, you can even eat the head and drink the venom without ill effect, so long as you have no open sores in your mouth, throat or stomach.

    Rattlesnakes are VENOMOUS, meaning that the ill effect takes place by being injected into your blood stream.

    That said, I don’t believe in killing any snake if there is a safer alternative.


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