Artistry of Wildlife Taxidermy by Sonny Amato in Baton Rouge and Central, Louisiana

It is rare to get a glimpse inside of an artist’s workplace. Even rarer to see inside a taxidermy artist’s studio. There aren’t that many around.

Sonny Amato is a gifted taxidermist. Artistry of Wildlife Taxidermy is in Central, Louisiana, near Baton Rouge. The work he does here captures the spirit and characteristics of the animals, fish and reptiles. They seem as if they were standing in front of you.

With over 46 years of experience, Sonny crafts each piece with true dedication to his art. It is fascinating to hear him tell the stories of some of the animals, reptiles and fish he has worked on. Even pets have been done, such as birds.

I can only imagine the stories Sonny has heard from hunters about the animals they’ve brought in! Having it mounted like this helps give creditability to those stories for sure.

Fisherman do not need ‘fish stories’ when they have proof like this! Fish Taxidermy in Louisiana

Sonny Amato, Taxidermist Artist in Louisiana

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